garden waste feature

De-clutter your home and garden

If it’s time for you to have a serious clear out, we can arrange efficient disposal of all unwanted household and garden waste with just a phone call.

Garages full of junk you haven’t used for years; sheds that have become dumping grounds for everything; the area of garden that is now just home to bags of grass and bits of wood, can all be transformed into one of the most sought after of commodities – usable space. And if you would like the shed itself to be broken down and taken away, we can do that too.

The disposal of old mattresses, wardrobes, carpets, and other large household items no longer needed can be a particular headache, but our waste clearance service caters for all of these along with the collection of refurbishment waste from kitchens or bathrooms, including tiles, rubble, sinks, cupboards and WEEE waste.

Alternatively, you can bring all your waste to our transfer station and be assured that it will be recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly and safe way possible.

Weee Waste Recycling

How is WEEE waste handled and are we doing enough?

Until the WEEE directive was introduced on 2007, there were no rules for retailers with regard to the disposal of unwanted electrical waste; but now the WEEE regulations require producers and distributors to have more control over this fast growing and problematic waste stream.

Recycling is the most responsible way to dispose of electrical goods but – despite this – we recycle less that a third of our items once they have reached the end of their life-cycle. Almost all items with a plug or batter can be recycled (see our ‘can it be recycled’ check list below) but if you are still unsure if an item can be recycled then give a us a call and we will gladly help you.

The WEEE regulations stipulate that if a consumer takes back an electrical item to the original retailer, then the retailer must dispose of it but, as it is not always possible for consumers to do this, an alternative is to have it recycled or disposed of safely elsewhere.

At B and T we can take all your unwanted electrical and battery operated goods and dispose of them safely within the government guidelines, recycling where possible and – as always – taking our environmental responsibilities seriously by diverting as large a percentage as possible from landfill.

By recycling our unwanted electrical goods we are all doing our bit to prevent potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill and causing soil and water contamination. Also, another advantage of recycling these things is that electrical and electronic equipment is made up of a wide variety of materials, many of which can be reused. For example, there is enough steel in an iron to produce 13 steel cans.

Can it be recycled?

If your answer to the following questions is ‘yes’ then your item can be recycled.

  • Does it have a plug?
  • Does it use a charger?
  • Does it use batteries?
  • Does it carry the WEEE wheelie bin logo (a crossed out wheelie bin image).