Commercial Waste Management

Environmental awareness at the forefront of thinking at B and T and we provide the ultimate in stress free disposal of all commercial waste; recycling wherever possible and disposing of all other waste responsibly.

B and T have the resources to carry 150 tonnes of mixed waste, 80 tonnes of utilities spoil (which include hard core, brick, mud and tiles) and 70 tonnes of general waste (including plasterboard and wood).

Our fleet of 3.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne box and grab tipper lorries - including a 32 ft grab service and access to 8 wheelers - means that we can easily take care of all your waste, and our fleet labour team will make sure, as always, that it is done efficiently and quickly. 'The load and make good' service that comes as standard means our clients need not become involved in the removal of their rubbish beyond making a phone call.

Our office clearance service is a great solution to clear out all unwanted items from your workplace, including the destruction of confidential data and a shredding service for private or sensitive information. All WEEE waste is recycled or disposed in the most environmentally friendly way possible in accordance with government guidelines.

Shop clearance is also a popular choice for people who wish to reclaim space by clearing unwanted items including white goods. 

Commercial Waste Clearance

Commercial waste services