Recycling over 92% of the waste we collect and process, we are committed to our clients' needs in reducing the impact we have on the environment.

About 434 million tonnes of waste* (more than 30 million tones being household waste) is produced every year in the UK but only around 20% of that waste is recycled. It has been estimated that up to 80% of our dustbins could be easily recycled or composted.

Waste, although often an unwanted substance, is also an unused resource and we should all be doing as much as possible to make sure these recourses are diverted to the right place to be used in the most effective manner possible.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and aim to keep the cost of waste disposal as low as possible by encouraging our customers to separate their waste before we collect it.

Once we have collected waste from a customer it is taken to our transfer station to be separated by a combination of hand and mechanical sorting before being sent for recycling or on to the next stage for further processing. Construction waste, such as bricks and rubble (also called ‘recycled aggregates’) go on to be reused in construction projects.

The three R’s of the environment are reduce, reuse, recycle and, although we have no power over our clients’ own reduction of waste at source we aim to reuse anything possible that we find in their waste before the recycling process.

Simply recycling paper, glass, cardboard, plastics and metals can stop tonnes of harmful CO2 ending up in the atmosphere. This is our world. Lets keep it safe.

* Source - Waste Online

Waste Recycling