Residential Waste Management

Disposing of household and garden residential waste can sometimes be a challenge but B and T can make this a totally hassle free process, removing all your waste regardless of size or any access difficulties. We come prepared to tackle stairs, basements or long gardens and can typically remove rubbish from all areas.

We never want to turn customers away because their job is too small, so we have vehicles that are ideal for single items such as beds, sofas, garden waste and kitchen goods. We  always come fully equipped for the task at hand and our standard ‘load and make good’ service means that all you are left with after your waste has been cleared is a clean space.

Garages, which have a habit of becoming dumping grounds, can be cleared enabling you to reclaim this valuable space, and any white or electrical goods are recycled when appropriate or disposed of in a responsible manner. 

Our 20 yrd box lorry holds the equivalent of 2 or more 8 yrd skips. This vehicle can hold an immense amount of waste and is also great for small office clearance and - unlike hiring a skip - there is no bay suspension or licence fee needed. 

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residential waste clearanceResidential Waste Clearance