Transfer Station

Our licensed waste transfer station welcomes businesses and the public, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, to dispose of their non-hazardous waste, where we take care to efficiently re-cycle and dispose of it inline with our environmental policy.

The site caters for anything from domestic, commercial and garden waste to demolition waste and we are always researching new technologies and different methods of recycling in order to maximise the diversion from landfill. 

The waste handled by our transfer station is separated into different categories by a combination of mechanical and hand sorting; the different materials then taken to the next destination for reprocessing and re-use.

Our rates compare favourably with those of local councils, coming in at £100 per tonne for mixed waste and less for pre-sorted waste so it makes sense for our customers to separate their waste prior to dropping it off. 

Please note that the transfer station is not available at weekends. 

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